groupsock/include/NetAddress.hh File Reference

#include "HashTable.hh"
#include "NetCommon.h"
#include "UsageEnvironment.hh"

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Data Structures

class  NetAddress
class  NetAddressList
class  NetAddressList::Iterator
class  Port
class  AddressPortLookupTable
class  AddressPortLookupTable::Iterator
class  AddressString


typedef u_int32_t netAddressBits
typedef u_int16_t portNumBits


UsageEnvironmentoperator<< (UsageEnvironment &s, const Port &p)
Boolean IsMulticastAddress (netAddressBits address)

Typedef Documentation

typedef u_int32_t netAddressBits

Definition at line 39 of file NetAddress.hh.

typedef u_int16_t portNumBits

Definition at line 92 of file NetAddress.hh.

Function Documentation

Boolean IsMulticastAddress ( netAddressBits  address  ) 

Definition at line 280 of file NetAddress.cpp.

Referenced by Groupsock::changeDestinationParameters(), MediaSubsession::initiate(), RTSPClient::setRequestFields(), socketJoinGroup(), socketJoinGroupSSM(), socketLeaveGroup(), and socketLeaveGroupSSM().

00280                                                    {
00281   // Note: We return False for addresses in the range
00282   // through, because these are non-routable
00283   // Note: IPv4-specific #####
00284   netAddressBits addressInNetworkOrder = htonl(address);
00285   return addressInNetworkOrder >  0xE00000FF &&
00286          addressInNetworkOrder <= 0xEFFFFFFF;
00287 }

UsageEnvironment& operator<< ( UsageEnvironment s,
const Port p 

Definition at line 219 of file NetAddress.cpp.

00219                                                                  {
00220   return s << ntohs(p.num());
00221 }

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